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Instructions for Hik Vision (New Style)

At Phase 3 Security, we believe in offering quality professional security products including alarm and video surveillance systems. Here, you can find instructions for Hik Vision (New Style) model. Call us today for more information.

For Hik Vision (New Style)

image 23
 Using left-click, click and drag your mouse in the order you see above
image 23
 After doing the pattern successfully click on the “Playback” button at the top of your screen and you will be able to see all your recorded footage
image 25

A: On the left you’ll see a list of your cameras. Select the ones you’d like to playback/record footage from

B: Here is the calendar where you’ll select the date in which you’re grabbing footage from.

C: Here is the slider to change the time intervals for the playback. (Makes it easier to find footage if you know the specific time)

image 26
image 27


You must have a USB drive plugged in and have a Player on it (Two usb ports on the NVR, one on the front, one in the back)

If you already have the player, continue to the next page.

1. At the bottom left, click the start clip button

(don't bother with selecting footage as it’ll disappear in a moment)

2. Click the export button

and choose “Player” then press “ok”

3. Click “ok” once again and it will put a .zip folder onto the USB

image 28

At the bottom left portion of the screen you’ll see the

 Click on it to start clipping. Two white brackets will show up on the timeline. Click and drag them to where your clip begins and ends.

You can also put the exact date, start and end time if you click the

 Beside the “start clipping” button.
image 29
image 30
 Once footage is selected you can click the “Export” button
 If you like you can add the footage into a separate folder by clicking “New Folder”
 Otherwise just press “ok” and the clip will export.

Once you see a checkmark you may pull out the drive and bring it to a PC

image 31
image 32
 Once you plug in the drive open it up on your PC and you’ll see the “player” folder
 Right click and click “extract all” then “extract” again
 You can now delete the “” folder
image 33
image 34
 Now open the new “player” folder (a few times) until you see “VSPlayer”
 Once opened click “file”, “open” and go to the desired clip on the USB to watch back your clip

For Hik-Connect (Mobile Phone)

Hik - Connect

Open the App and Click the picture of the NVR itself

 Double-tap the camera you’d like footage from.
 Then tap the three dots at the top right and select “Playback”
image 18
image 19

Go to the beginning of the clip that you want to record

Press the camera icon to start, play through until you’d like to end the clip and press the camera icon again to stop.

Head back to the main screen to see your clip.vv

image 20
image 21

Tap on the “More” tab at the bottom right, then “Pictures and Videos”

Find your clip you’d like to share, tap on it.

At the bottom right on the screen you’ll see the share button

On the iPhone you’ll also see a save icon. This will save the video directly to your gallery on your phone (Samsung/Android does this automatically after clip)

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