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Access Control Systems in Ponoka and Central Alberta

Securing your business or property and restricting access to it has changed substantially from lock and key. If you’re looking to increase the security at your home or want to upgrade an analog security system, Phase 3 Security is the right choice for you. We have the expertise to install high-quality access control systems in Ponoka that can greatly improve the overall protection of your home and business. Our access control systems range from simple keypad code entry to systems with the ability to monitor and regulate the entire system electronically.


These access control systems are ideal in a variety of settings such as:

Office buildings of any size
Fitness facilities
Senior homes
Industrial workplaces
access control device

Types of access control systems we work with:

Keypads : Utilizes codes to authorize entry

Proximity Readers : Utilizes the swiping of cards or fobs to authorize entry

The Benefits

Access control systems are specifically designed for areas where the need for security is critical to protect people, property, and information. Here are some advantages of installing them in your property:

Systems can control interior or exterior points of entry; they can also control one main access point or multiple entry points

Get detailed computer records of entry and exit of any person

Keep people out of high risk or hazardous areas

Save time and money cutting keys or re-keying locks with an employee, or tenant turnover

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