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At  Phase 3 Security we specialize in the installation of professional CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems
and are experienced in homes, retail, commercial, and industrial settings.  We will guide you through the
entire process from design to installation; customizing the system to your individual requirements and creating
a system that provides you with a versatile and powerful security tool.  

Our camera systems encompass a variety of camera's featuring black and white or color, exterior or interior,
weatherproof, vandal proof, hidden camera's, and PTZ camera's.  See below to view the features of camera's
and their features.
We can install CCTV systems in a variety of settings
  • Retail stores
  • Shops
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Recreation Centers
  • Residential Yards, Garage, Property
  • Agricultural Properties, Barns
  • Schools
  • Remote access viewing through the internet from
    other locations and monitor your home or business.
  • Support multiple camera's - up to 40 camera's
  • View multiple camera's on one screen.
  • Automated searches which allow you to instantly  
    access any video
  • Ability to store large amounts of footage
  • Archive images on DVD, CD-R, flash cards
  • User Friendly
  • Playback feature makes watching and recording
    simple and increases storage capability.
Digital Video Recording
CCTV systems have changed considerably in recent years offering high resolution picture at an affordable price.  
  • Cost effective
  • Tinted dome, concealing where camera is pointed
  • Great for a variety of locations such as retail stores
  • Night Vision Camera's
  • Work effectively to monitor exterior building entrances and perimeters,
    or to keep an eye on a closed shop or business after hours
  • Provides detailed imagery in dim lighting
DVR's (Digital Video Recorder's) are a revolutionary video and security surveillance component that use a hard
drive as opposed to the old fashioned video tape to record and store images, significantly increasing the
efficiency of your surveillance system.  DVR's allow you to watch your camera system in real time or in
Vandal Proof
  • Withstand a blow from a 10lb sledgehammer
  • Weatherproof; suitable for both indoor or outdoor locations.
  • Great for facilities that may be susceptible to vandalism or other harsh
  • Auto zoom
  • Weatherproof camera's available so suitable for both indoor or outdoor
  • Covert camera's to observe the subject, such as customers or
    employees, without their knowledge
  • Come in a variety of disguises - smoke alarm, motion detector, lipstick
  • Also used in home settings to observe caretakers, babysitters etc.
  • Remote directional & zoom control
  • Pan - left to right 360 degrees  
  • Tilt - up and down 180 degrees
  • Zoom - in and out in order to see objects near or far
  • Indoor / Outdoor Capabilities
Camera Systems