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  • Systems can control interior and / or exterior points of entry.
  • Ability to track time of entry and exit of any person authorized to access
    the premise.  
  • Keep people out of high risk or unauthorized areas.
  • Save time and money cutting keys or re-keying locks with employee, or
    tenant turnover.
Keyless Entry
Proximity Access control systems consist of a proximity reader, proximity card or fob,
computer or a network of computers to drive the electric locking devices.

Proximity cards are standard size plastic ID cards which contain a coil antennae and a
preprogrammed microchip with a unique code. They are cost effective and can be easily
replaced and reprogrammed if lost.  Fobs also contain a preprogrammed microchip but
are designed for a key chain.  Proximity cards and fobs do not require any physical
contact between the card and the reading device, reducing physical wear and tear on
both the card/fob and the reading device.  

processor compare the code from the card/fob with a list of authorized entrants, and if
appropriate the electric door lock is triggered for operation and a record of entry is
logged in the computer.

The computer records will detail which employee opened which door, how many times
and at what time of the day they did it. The reports can be searched by card/fob, name,
date, and time making it easy to quickly detail any access to or exit from the premise.
Proximity cards/fobs can be programmed to work on specific doors while not on others,
and to allow access at certain times of the day and restrict it at others.

Proximity readers can be used alone or in conjunction with keypads.  For highly
restricted areas, reader/keypad combination devices can be placed so that both the
card/fob as well as a pin must be entered in order to gain access, ensuring the correct
identify of the user and right of entry.
Proximity Cards /  
Keypad systems are both cost effective and easy to use.  It simply  
requires programming codes for each employee or tenant. The codes
can be changed anytime saving money and time as there is no need for
replacement keys, cards, or fobs..  

Keypads can be either stand alone, in which the codes are entered
directly into the keypad, or computer driven, in which the codes are
regulated through a computer program.

Keypads offer simplicity, while still providing security.
Phase 3 Security can install Access Control Systems in a
variety of settings:
  • Office Buildings of any size
  • Seniors Homes
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Industrial Workplaces
Traditionally, access control represented “keys” and who was the holder of the “keys”.  Securing your business
or property and restricting access to it has changed from lock and key.  Access Control Systems range from
simple keypad code entry to systems with the ability to electronically monitor and regulate the entire system.
Access control systems are designed for areas where the need for security is crucial and protect people,
property, and information.  The systems can vary in scope from controlling a single entry point to controlling
numerous entry points with varying degrees of restriction.
Communication systems are essential in any setting; residential and commercial.  
Our services range from adding a single telephone jack or computer connection in
your home or office to complete telephone and computer networks in large office

Dependable communication networks are essential.  We offer solutions to create
an organized and reliable network, whether you are installing a new network or
revamping an existing one.
Voice & Data
Telephone & Computer Network

  • We will co-ordinate with you or your IT technician to create a
  • If a certified cabling system is required we have the
    equipment to document the entire system.
  • Supply and install Fibre Optic cabling.
  • Underground phone line installation and repair.
Phase 3 Security is based out of Ponoka Alberta and serves all of Central Alberta, call us for your
Access Control Solution!